Leaving CodeWorldwide

5 years at CodeWorldwide. Is it a short or a long period…?

It was not that easy journey for me. After a small company where I became a programmer, CodeWorldwide and Ciklum were really a shock. Huge amount of technologies, projects, people and bearded Valentin. Craziness.

But with the lapse of time the сraziness was transformed into passion, passion to build good apps.


I was a witness of transition from slow classic web forms to fast single page apps. Tons of technologies were battle tested then: asp.net web forms, telerik, wcf, silverlight, f**king sharepoint. And now new technologies are becoming standard for us such as: cqrs, event sourcing, microservices, web.api, mongodb, single page app, even linux.


I was a witness of transformation of our visual design from ugly, awkward windows form-like to a beautiful and user friendly one. Brand new animations, shapes, colors gave fantastic user experience. Pioneer of this transformation was PHD Source, just after it OMD Vision and finally Adzu 4 family. Due to CQRS and event sourcing approach server side performance was improved a lot, but with maintenance complexity side effect.


I was a witness of excellent creativity and performance of our team. We are not afraid of learning, learning, learning… As a result now we can cover mobile, server and web stack.

QAs were the ones who prevented us from (чик-чик и в продакшн) fuckups. Managers were the ones who isolated us from full of useless non technical flows (гавнища). I liked it so much.


CodeWorldwide gave me a huge amount of challenges, without them I wouldn’t be who I am. More then 10 speeches. Innumerous complex UI screens and animations. Brain blowing while event driven and microservices approach was applied. Unexpected drop live database. Restore after failed deploy.

In non-working time. I managed to build brand new house. Two lovely children were born.

So 5 years - is it a short or a long period… It is a lot (дохуя).

Now I’m going to continue battle test technologies as a freelancer.

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